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 Steven's Story ~ February 2019

"Happy coffee = happy life! After suffering a traumatic brain injury from a motorsport accident five years ago, recovery was tough. Multiple injuries, breaks and fractures to the body meant many visits to the Osteopath, Acupuncture and many other specialists, but that was never enough. 

I wish I had been introduced to Happy Coffee much sooner. It is honestly amazing and helps me daily. It gives me focus and drive to get through each day. But that's not all Happy Coffee has another amazing side. It suppresses my appetite - food cravings are a thing of the past. I am finally getting my life back on track!"    (meet Steven in the gallery below)


Ruth's Story ~ March 2019 ~

" I've had many health issues for many years and all my life I have been overweight. 'Ive suffered anaphylaxis & cardiac arrest and almost died in 2013, I had anxiety for many years, have an under-active thryoid, ongoing problems for years with my ankle and knee. I suffered from a Stroke 2 & a half years ago, then later I  had a bad back injury & eventually after other treatments did not work, I  had major surgery to correct it! .....yes, it is quite a list!! 

In October last year my dear friend Pam shared happy coffee and her story with me. I trust Pam and so I was instantly on board and began my own journey with Happy Coffee = DOSE. In such a short time the results are amazing!!! I have more energy, my anxiety has gone, I am sleeping well and not tired all the time like I was. I am down 6kilos since starting these products but the best thing of all for me is my overall feeling of wellbeing! This has honestly incredible just how one simple change....adding Happy Coffee, has changed my life.    (meet Ruth in gallery below)

Kasey's Story - March 2019

In March 2018 at 21 I was diagnosed with life threatening deep vein thrombosis and saddle publonary embolism. I had blood clots from my lower legs to my lungs. After spending time in critical care I returned home to have a care lady come in and help me while I was still ‘recovering.’ I didn’t feel like I was recovering at all, and came to terms that I was never going to the bubble, happy and energetic Kasey ever again. I was in constant pain, on morphine and tramadol and began to wish I had died because I did not want to live like this. 

Fast forward, my brother was involved in a terrible incident. After two weeks of spending time by his side, adrenal fatigue kicked in as well as anxiety and I quickly slipped down that dark tunnel. At the time I was in my 3rd year teaching practicum. I cried every single day with the pain, and knew I wasn’t able to give my best and I was truly going to fail. 

Just short of quitting, my Mum received her first order of happy coffee combo (DOSE) and insisted on giving me some. I thought ‘yeah right like this is going to save me….’

Well the morning I tried it, I watch in the mirror how qicklhy the colour in my skin cam back. How I didn’t feel the need to go back to bed once I had showered. I didn’t feel like I needed crappy food to fulfil my emotions. I almost skipped into my placement centre that day, and the team instantly knew something was different! 

As a bonus while I have not taken this for weight loss, I have dropped 12 kg, I enjoy going to the gym and going for daily runs ! I enjoy healthy eating, baking healthy snacks, enjoy drinking water !!!! I feel like a new woman, KASEY IS BACK and better than before. I owe it to this product. I’ll never look back. 

Nola's Story  - March 2019


A few months ago, I would have told you that I'd given up on myself, that I didn't have the energy to go through life and that I wasn't a good example to my children.

It's amazing how far I've come in my journey to 'Happiness' in just over 3 months! I've never been able to focus on bettering myself for more than a week at a time - then I would usually give up and be worse off than when I started.

My Energy | Focus | Drive | Passion and Determination is all coming from my new morning routine. By just adding 1 x ☕️ & 1 x 💊 into my day - my life is changing.

15kg/33lbs ⬇️ and counting!!

I'm back on track - I'm back full stop❗️ So many of you are inspired by REAL people doing REAL life - well let me inspire you to WANT MORE FOR YOURSELF!

mY Story ~ Feb 2019

Backing up ...  Several years ago  I received a 'bang on the head'.   What I thought was just a bang on the head’ turned out to be a moderate head injury with a 3cm fracture in my skull.   I was pulled  into a valley or should I say abyss, that I did not want to be in. The abyss was filled with severe headaches, 'prickles' in my scalp, brain fog, confusion, memory loss and other symptons that go with  a head injury.  


I was told by staff at the Head Injury Clinic that this was my ‘new normal’. While I tried to grapple with this new normal,  I felt like I was living with a stranger in my head and my husband thought he was living with someone else! Always on task and organised, now I wasn’t. I struggled to make decisions, couldn’t stand noise,  & everything felt overwhelming.  I felt totally DISCONNECTED from myself.     Anxiety and depression enveloped  me.    Then another health glitch which damaged my vocal chords left me almost speechless and in much pain. Id never really liked my voice lol but the speech therapist and I worked hard to try to strengthen my vocal chords to restore it.   Eventually it was decided that the therapy was not working to my benefit so a voice disorder was added to my list of ‘new normals.’  Which of course added to the isolation and depression.  

I needed  to embrace this phase of my life and move through it. Still many of the symptoms lingered and I was just plain blah... death felt attractive.   

I also have osteoporosis in my spine and other areas which was extremely painful leaving me bent like an old lady.   I'd also inherited the family trait of very high blood pressure.


Then smart happy coffee turned up in my life! My brain fog lifted, I have clarity and can join the dots again, I can read a recipe without forgetting what I just read.  Anxiety and depression has lifted and I feel excited about life again.  I have energy and focus, my blood pressure is NORMAL for the first time in years and the pain in my  body has radically diminished.  I  feel RECONNECTED to me again.    The scripture could not be more true “I once was lost and now I am found".  I think of the oldie song by Johnny Nash "I Can See Clearly Now the Rain Has Gone" -   "It's Going to be a bright bright sunshiney day!" 

I love what I’m doing, and I'm passionate about what I’m doing.  I believe in this product and so grateful that people trust me and are now doing what I’m doing and their lives are changing too. If you want to join me on this journey and are ready to join my team and take steps to elevating your health and happiness, pm me and let’s get you started TODAY! 

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