Who Am I


Hi! I’m Pam and I’m excited you have decided to stop by.  We may not have met I person but thought I’d say ‘hi’ as if I already know you! 

I’m a wife, mum, grammar, musician and worshipper, mosaic artist, interior/exterior designer,  motorsport driver 😊, Counsellor, Coach & Supervisor and PASSIONATE about helping others realise their potential in all areas of their health and happiness. 

My husband and I love to dream dreams and make them happen. We have travelled from the top to the bottom of NZ in our big mobile home while I home-schooled our daughters, and have designed and personally built our own homes in two beautiful spots of our country. 

We were also privileged to go on a mission trip and live in the poverty part of Manilla for a short period, which was a life changing experience for my husband and I. However when we returned home our world felt like it was literally falling apart.  I became  unwell and eventually diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease, totally changing  how I lived my life.   Other health issues, depression, anorexia also invaded our home disrupting the peace of our family and home. 

These challenges coupled with my life long desire to understand why we humans do what we do, lead me to study and train as a Counsellor. I’m particularly passionate about emotional health and neuroscience which inspires my work with people. I love supporting people of all ages through challenges they are experiencing and I truly believe every individual is uniquely created and designed for greatness. I also recognise that alongside counselling, some people still need a ‘lift’ in their brain and overall health.   

It was through a further personal health challenge - brain injury, TIA and loss of voice that my search for a natural product that could decrease and reverse the effects of chronic stress, reboot our body and brain’s own happy hormones began in earnest!  

At a very 'blah' point in my own life, smart coffee crossed my path.  I did my research, trialed it myself, was blown away and thus began my own ‘health’ journey in September 2018. This has been a game changer for me personally and as I began to share what I had found with others, they wanted to try it too. 

📷If you are curious, I encourage you to try this completely natural DOSE of goodness! Some people notice changes quickly, others take longer. With me it has been a progression of feeling better and better – in fact,  I FEEL AMAZING - and you can read what it has done for me in the testimonial section.

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